What a glorious thing to have hope! Before coming to Project Ninety, I was living a life of utter hopelessness. Today, not only is my life full of hop… Continue reading

"Welcome to Project Ninety. You are in the right place!"

This is heard at Project Ninety facilities on a daily basis in South San Francisco and San Mateo. Adult men who are at either of these locations, are… Continue reading

"Welcome to Project Ninety. You are in the right place!"

This is heard at Project Ninety facilities on a daily basis in South San Francisco and San Mateo. Adult men who are at either of these locations, are provided with an opportunity to change their lives in a very welcoming environment. Project Ninety prides itself on being a place where men can receive treatment services in a safe, compassionate, and comfortable environment.

The “Ninety” in Project Ninety refers to two things. The first is one of the pillars of the program is folks new in recovery attend 90 twelve step meetings over 90 consecutive days. Secondly, our standard length of treatment is 90 days. Miracles do happen during this time frame.

Thousands of individuals have begun the process of change in our program. Project Ninety is only a catalyst. It is the men who choose to take the opportunity provided for them that are responsible for their transformation. Lives are changed. Families and communities are strengthened. Absolutely everybody benefits from an individual becoming and remaining clean and sober.

We invite you to navigate our website. Whether it is because you are well aware of Project Ninety and just want to see what we are up to or you are seeking help for yourself, a loved one, or an employee. Though the information here is helpful, please give us a call with any questions. The decision to seek recovery for yourself or others is not easy and we will be happy to talk with you about what to expect.

What you will know is that if you or someone you care for does enter treatment at Project Ninety, the phrase “You are in the right place!”, will resonate on a daily basis.

We wish you well in your endeavors.

In Friendship,

Project Ninety, a division of Caminar

Chris Peters

I had given up on life, I had given up on my family, and most of all, I had given up on me. That was the mindset I had when entering Project Ninety. B… Continue reading

Chris Peters

I had given up on life, I had given up on my family, and most of all, I had given up on me. That was the mindset I had when entering Project Ninety. Being a part of something so special has given me a sense of purpose and the necessary structure in my life today.

This program provides tools in order to live life on life's terms and I am proud to be an example of that.

Today, I dedicate my life to helping others and I am determined to continue to show others that this program works.

Project Ninety

For more than four decades, Project Ninety, now a division of Caminar, has served individuals, families and the Bay Area community through its residential alcohol and substance abuse treatment services. What began in 1972 as a humble idea has grown into a premier human services organization with over 200 treatment beds. We are a California Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP) licensed, nonprofit residential substance abuse treatment program with facilities in San Mateo County.


Through the years, Project Ninety has treated more than 27,000 individuals suffering from the disease of addiction.  Project Ninety’s services are designed to treat the diverse communities in which we live. We provide services to adult men whose circumstances are varied. They might be homeless, highly educated/skilled, and straight from prison or jail, unemployable or have limited language skills. All these people have an addiction to substances in common, regardless of their socioeconomic standing, race, cultural background, education, age, or their life experience.


Is treatment cost effective?  Research has shown that every dollar spent on substance abuse treatment saves seven dollars in other taxpayer-supported services. These tax-driven services include frequent emergency room visits, use of emergency responders, psychiatric services and jails/prisons — just to name a few. Statistics also indicate that approximately eleven million children in the United States live in homes where there is at least one parent that is a substance abuser.


Project Ninety, through its treatment, helps reduce the burden addiction has on the community. The community includes families, children, neighbors, and employers. To add perspective for those who support Project Ninety financially: a donation helps the community in both tangible and intangible ways that far exceed the actual monetary contribution. Treatment has a true exponential effect; research shows treatment can reduce domestic violence, truancy, traffic fatalities, crime, unwanted pregnancies, child abuse, HIV, and even heart disease.


Many come to Project Ninety without any family to speak of. Through the process of recovery, individuals learn that new relationships can be forged. These ties are often referred to as “new” family. Like the traditional family, these alliances are supportive, nurturing, and vital to success — be it in recovery, professionally, or spiritually. Project Ninety’s dedicated staff reflects diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds and includes bilingual employees. Attesting to the commitment of staff, about a third of Project Ninety’s employees have been with the agency for more than seven years. Many staff members are also recovering addicts themselves, putting into direct practice the concept of one addict helping another.


Project Ninety has been recognized both locally and around the state for its continued success and contribution to the community. In each of the counties where Project Ninety provides services it is recognized as being cost effective and highly successful.


Project Ninety’s name is based on a Twelve Step tradition of 90 meetings in 90 days. Research has shown that significant improvement in recovery happens at three months. Project Ninety is proud of its programs based on this concept, and of the impact they have not only on clients, but on families and the community as well.


As a division of Caminar, Project Ninety's programs are part of a robust continuum of prevention, treatment, and recovery services.

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