Project Ninety Family Group

Monday Evenings

Location:             San Jose Men’s ProgramSan Jose, CA 

                            7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Families and friends are encouraged to support their loved one in treatment through learning about the disease of addiction.  Project Ninety believes the family should be educated to understand addiction and what happens in treatment. Often families have been stuck in a viscous cycle of dysfunction and the unhealthy relationships that come with addiction.  When the individual in treatment learns a new way to live and to communicate, the family can learn to be supported as well.

Project Ninety conducts a weekly Family Group to include family members in the recovery process. Family Group is an integral part of Project Ninety’s balanced approach to treatment. Family members — from spouses and children to parents and siblings — learn what the person is going through and how to create an environment that supports recovery. Lines of communication, often never there to begin with, are created or strengthened. Together, the person and their family can work to break the cycle of addiction and alleviate further decay of the family structure.

Family group covers the following subjects, providing education and discussion:

o      What is addiction?

o      What does a client learn in treatment?

o      Addiction as a family disease

o      Co-dependency/Enabling

o      Communication

o      Healthy Boundaries

o      Relapse Prevention-recognizing patterns and triggers


Project Ninety Celebration Night

Thursday evenings

San Mateo:

Celebration Meeting at Friendship Hall, 416 Second Avenue, San Mateo, CA

Thursday Nights are a time for residents, family, friends and Project Ninety alumni and to come together, eat, share and celebrate milestones.  Thursday night celebration meetings are a testament to the treatment process works and creates a sense of community within Project Ninety.  Celebration includes welcoming all new residents and encouraging them to stay, be open and willing.  Milestones celebrated each week include 24 hours, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, six months, one year and up. Alumni come back to celebrate their sobriety and there can be 250 years of sobriety sitting in the room.  For some individuals in treatment, it’s their time to reconnect with a loved one. For families, it is when they can see their loved one achieve success in treatment, receive their chips, complete the program, and see them changing week by week.  For residents that do not have family visiting it is a time to establish and build relationships that will become the foundation of their recovery, possibly finding and spending time with their sponsor and bonding with other people in recovery. Thursdays are open to the community and we invite anyone to visit and participate.