Project Ninety has allowed me to become the person I never thought I could be. Arriving at Project Ninety, I did not know what my future looked like. I wanted to find a new way of life that did not include drugs or incarcerations. I wanted to be a productive member of society. First, I had to find out what caused me to continue to resort to drugs and what I needed to do to change that. It was made clear to me at Project Ninety that I had to change my thinking and a lot of my bad habits. Today, I am that changed person that I wanted to be, proud of myself as I go to work every morning. For that, I am forever grateful to Project Ninety for showing me the way. - Stacey White

What a glorious thing to have hope! Before coming to Project Ninety, I was living a life of utter hopelessness. Today, not only is my life full of hope; I like to think I play a part in providing hope to folks looking for help.  - Jim Buckner