Karen Bailey
Board Member since 2000

A retired Emergency Room Nurse and Human Resources Manager, Karen has been sober through the program of Alcoholics Anonymous for over 37 years. She has a passionate and devoted interest in seeing that services are available for those who want and are ready to accept help.

Lisa Benson
Board Member since 2010

Lisa Benson is connected with Safeway Stores. She currently is Regional Director, Corporate Seafood.

John Bentley
Board Member Since 2016
Bob Burwell
Board Member Since 2014
Peter Cotton
Board Member Since 2017
Greg Olson
Board Member since 2009

Greg is currently the Board's Vice-President. He is Senior Partner at Olliance Consulting Group, LLC and has over 29 years of software industry experience in engineering, marketing and business development.  As a senior executive at Olliance Group, he has led engagements for major companies such as Microsoft, Palm and Barclays Global Investors. Prior to Olliance Group, Greg was the Founder, Chairman and Executive Vice President of Business develop­ment with Sendmail, Inc.

Prior to Sendmail, Greg served as vice president of marketing for Integrated Systems, Inc., the largest provider of software and services to the embedded computer systems industry at the time.  Greg's experience in the technology field has included roles as VP of Strategy and Business Development at Sybase, and numerous key executive positions at Britton Lee, Inc.

Jeff Sacilotto
Board Member Since 2017
Martin Schurr
Board Member Since 2015
Robert Spencer
Board Member since 1987

Bob is currently the President of the Board. He is one of Project Ninety's longest serving board member. He served as the Board President for 10 years. Bob has provided guidance to Project Ninety as it has expanded its ability to serve those in need of substance abuse treatment. He has been an active member of the recovery community for over 26 years. He has brought this personal and professional experience to Project Ninety with a very common sense approach to project Ninety's Mission. Bob is the owner of Courtesy Wholesale Auto Dealer.

Jeff Warren
Board Member Since 2016
Paul Wilbrand
Board Member Since 2017
Richard Wood
Board Member Since 2017